Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life

"FInding God in all Things"

Meditation On Our Sins - Part A

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         Discovering my constant need of God’s forgiving love.


Preparing for the period of prayer


1.  I come into God's life-giving presence and offer my­ self to Him. I remember that

     God is the One who beholds me with compassion and delight and who is relentless in

     seeking to bless me with all that is good.

2.       Then, I compose myself in my real world. I consider how I live surrounded by  violence and anger, in a deteriorating environment steeped in self-deception, untruth, and error, and under genuine threat of terrorist annihilation. I consider that I have taken much of this disorder into myself, some of it before I had free choice.


3.  I now ask God for what I yearn, the Grace/Desire being sought this week:  “To feel the weight and sorrow of sin in my own life, that I may more deeply know the healing and renewing power of God’s forgiving love in my life


4.  Address this prayer of desire, first to God the Father, then to Mary, the mother of Jesus, then to Jesus, himself. Or,

*4. Address this prayer of desire, first to God the Source of Life, then to God the Source of Wisdom and Goodness, then to God Creator and Comforter.


5.  Continue below.



Consider:     John 21:17         Jesus said to Peter, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” 

Then,  I remember my sins.

I go back to the places where I have lived and see what happened there. I recall the things I have done with others—work, friend­ships, projects, play. I think back to schooling and work places. When I recall an incident or an action, I carefully visit it in the presence of the Lord Jesus: what went on here? what's be­hind the words and gestures? what was my project then? what was in my heart?


Next,  I look steadily at my God.

God creates me constantly, giving me good to do, shaping in me needs and purposes that will lead to my holiness and happiness, rais­ing good desires in me for His love and for great love of my fellows and of my own self. God is gentle and courteous. God is wise and supremely patient. God gives all gifts and even His Self. And what do I do but trash my holy needs and purposes and ignore and de­spise many good desires, to go chasing after pleasure and power. How am I like God?


Finally, I conclude by conversing with Jesus crucified.


          What have I done for Christ?

          What am I doing for Christ?

          What ought I do for Christ?

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