Ignatian Retreat in Daily Life

"FInding God in all Things"

Praying on the Last Judgment

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Discovering my constant need of resting in God’s forgiving, compassionate love.


Preparing for the period of prayer


1.       Select and prepare the one of the Scripture texts below.


1.         Matthew 25:31-46

2.         Daniel 12:1-13

3.         Revelation 19:1-10

4.         Revelation 21:1-8



2.       Then, I consciously turn to God asking that I become aware of God’s presence and the great love and longing with which God regards me. I offer myself to God, asking for the openness to receive the desired grace. I ask, too, that this period of prayer lead me to become more and more the free and loving person that I and God both want.


3.   And now I ask of God what I yearn for, the grace/desire for today: that I may feel the bone-deep sense of loss and pain that a person suffers who has lost love forever, so if I ever face the test, I will cling to God’s love with all my strength.


4.  I address this prayer of desire, first to God the Father, then to Mary, the mother of Jesus, then to Jesus, himself. Or,


5.  I address this prayer of desire, first to God the Source of Life, then to God the Source of Wisdom and Goodness, then to God Creator and Comforter.


6.  Continue below.



Proceeding with the Prayer


Next, I read the text moving only my lips or read it softly aloud.


·         I may find it useful to jot words and phrases down, and to consider them in turn.

·         Or I may find it more useful to let my fantasy take me into the scene, and contemplate the future events.

·         Then I consider my own self and how this applies to me.



Concluding the Prayer


Finally, I turn to God or to Jesus Christ and say something like this:

God of Life, You have kept me from death after death, from the final loneliness. You have not let any creature send me down into death and into the pit. Oh, Lord, You have saved me and cherished me, even when I was mindless of You in my daily life, maybe even when I really did not care about You. I can hardly believe such love; I can not understand it. Please, Lord, let me fear more than anything else that I might lose You and Your love .  Let me long to embrace Your goodness, Your way and Your love that lead to everlasting life.

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